11 September 2006

Google toolbar 4

This morning I was amazed! A few minutes after turning on my PC a small balloon appeared. The message in the balloon was something about Google toolbar update. Who cares, was my first reaction. But when the update was finished I was surprised to learn that LONG WAITING FEATURES LIKE ACCESSING BOOKMARKS FROM ANY COMPUTER are already present. Believe me - this is like a elixir of life for me. I'm using one PC at work, one PC at home and one laptop. Managing bookmarks in situation like this is almost nightmare. In the past there were some other decision of this problem, but none of them was so elegant as Google toolbar. BTW, Microsoft are developing the same service, but as far as I know this feature is still in beta.
The other features I like are SpellCheck and Translate. If you are inspired, install the toolbar from here for WinXP and IE. Enjoy!


givanov said...

Have you heard about Windows Live Favorites? It could do the same work for you pretty nicely and is available since couple of months. However, if you are a rigorous favorites saver (like me, I have like 7800 links stored), probably you will hit the limit of 1,500 links allowed to be imported from any PC. There is no limit (to my best knowledge) on the favorites stored online, it is just about the favorites, which you can import directly from your desktop PC.

Stephan Zahariev said...

Thanks for the comment. Last time when I checked Windows Live Favorites the add-in for the IE toolbar was still in beta. This weekend I will give it a chance.